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WellPoint System

WellPoint System Installation in Dubai, UAE

  • June 22, 2023

A WellPoint system is the oldest practical method of pre-drainage, and is still one of the most versatile methods in GCC countries, being effective most types of soil, whether pumping a few discharge capacities in fine sandy silts or many thousands of discharge capacity in coarse sands and gravels.

The basic components of a WellPoint system include: a WellPoint pump, header pipes and the well points themselves.

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WellPoint pump consists three functions

1) Pump air (create vacuum), 2) Pump water; 3) Separate the air from the water. The WellPoint pump is tied into a level header manifold that is conveyed alongside the excavation. The header applies the vacuum to a series of individual well points and conveys the water lifted from the well points to the dewatering pump. The well points system are, in essence, well-like devices constructed with a screen intake and usually a filter pack, which draw the water from the ground by the suction generated at the pump.

WellPoint systems are the most suitable in shallow aquifers where the water level needs to be lowered no more than 5-6 mtr. Beyond that depth, multiple stages are required because of the suction lift limitation.

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