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Deepwell System

Deep well System projects in Abudhabi, UAE

  • july 10, 2023

A deep well is a dewatering device equipped with its own pump. Deep wells can varies from 3 to over 24 in (75-600mm) in diameter, and pump from fractions of gallons per minute (GPM) to thousands of gallons per minute. Because they do not act by suction methods, deep wells are not limited in effectiveness by depth like well points. They can be installed from 20 ft (6m) deep to hundreds of feet deep.

deepwell projects in kingdom of saudi arabia

Deep wells, each with an individual pump, are best suited to homogeneous aquifers that extend well below the bottom of the excavation. In such situations, the wells can be installed to greater depth, the volume pumped by each well is high, and the gradients between wells tend to be flat.

We provide effective and innovative turn-key solutions to groundwater control problems using Deep wells. We offer a comprehensive service from initial design, drilling, supply and installation of pumping equipments in Dubai and Saudi arabia.

Rental / Hire Pumps in Dubai & Saudi Arabia

  • Dewatering Centrifugal Pumps (Mi & Sy type) in Dammam
  • Booster Pumps in Dammam
  • Piston Pumps in Dammam
  • Vs type pumps in Dammam
  • Op type pumps in Saudi Arabia
  • Hd type pumps in Dammam
  • Jetting pumps in Dammam
Orax Roots
Dewatering Pumps Sales / Rentals / Projects all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates

We provide pump rental services from 3 inch to 12 inch with the possibility of providing the necessary fuel and the technicians who have experience in the preparation, operation, maintenance of the system and the troubleshooting as required.

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