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Pump Details

Model ORX - ZD 900
Max. Head 20 mtr.
Max.water flow 100 m3/h
Vacuum lift 9.4 mtr.
Pump casing High Grade cast iron
Cylinders Stainless Steel, 304
Piston rods Stainless Steel,304

Engine Details

Engine (i) KIRLOSKAR DAF10, Single Cylinder Air cooled Engine (ii) FIELD MARSHAL GFA5D, Single Cylinder Air cooled Engine
Capacity 10 HP
Speed 1500 RPM
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Orax Roots 6" piston pumps in Dubai.

6 inch piston pump, with model no. ORX-ZD 900, which is available in diesel or electric models. Other options and sizes are also available according to customer requirements. Orax Roots are one of the top vendors of jetting pumps in UAE where well points need to be installed without drilling Categories : Piston pumps, well points, well point dewatering system, drilling works, jetting pumps suppliers in UAE, tunnelling.

This Pump is suitable for Dewatering, Sewerage Drainage and fuel transaction. The pumps have closed type impeller with mechanical seal. (Open type impeller also available). Priming Tank is made of Mild Steel (Stainless Steel also available) and the internal parts are of Teflon, Stainless Steel & Bronze which increase the life and efficiency of the pump. Volute is Cast Iron (Stainless Steel also available) & Discharge Head is Mild Steel (Stainless Steel also available) and it is designed in such a way that the shape gives better discharge. Shaft, Impeller, Stuffing box and all other internal parts are made of stainless steel. We are manufacturing pumps as per the demand of the customer requirement like open impeller pumps, Electric Motors driven pumps with pneumatic 2 wheels on the road and solid tyre 4 wheel trolley types.

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