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Dewatering project works in UAE & KSA

  • may 15, 2023

Through our long experience in the dewatering technology and designing the necessary systems, we provide optimal engineering solutions taking in consideration environment protection, quality, effectiveness in terms of cost & project schedule and development of practical and flexible systems of draining groundwater or surface water from a riverbed, construction site, mine shaft, by pumping or evaporation which meets the requirements of various projects using several methods of water suction, such as the following methods:

Deep Wells, Well Point, Shoring, Sheet Piling.

quick connect couplings dewatering pumps

Pump Application & Usages:

Construction Dewatering works in UAE, Agriculture & Irrigation works in UAE, Mines, Quarries, Coal ore & Slurries works in UAE, Sewage treatment plants in UAE, Sea water transfer in UAE, Flood clearing in UAE, Drainage cleaning in UAE, General Pumping purpose in UAE.

Rental / Hire Pumps in Dubai & Saudi Arabia

  • Dewatering Centrifugal Pumps (Mi & Sy type) in dubai
  • Booster Pumps in Dubai
  • Piston Pumps in Dubai
  • Vs type pumps in Dubai
  • Op type pumps in Saudi Arabia
  • Hd type pumps in Dubai
  • Jetting pumps in Dubai
Orax Roots
Dewatering Pumps Sales / Rentals / Projects all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates

We provide pump rental services from 3 inch to 12 inch with the possibility of providing the necessary fuel and the technicians who have experience in the preparation, operation, maintenance of the system and the troubleshooting as required.

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